George Kapnisis


His loved applications might be Alcohol 120% or Nero Burning Rom...
A spirited mind that can imagine, construct or decompose anything
in a blink of an eye.
The visionary of GeeSmo, consisted by two basic elements
Knowledge and Imagination!!!
You can find him spending hours
on a keyboard or staring at the stars.

Everything is inside work, the outside just happens!!!

> Automation Engineer
> Past IPG Production Manager
> Creative Design
> Sound Engineer
> Lyrist - Composer

Geesmo Crew

Innovative ideas within spotless minds !!!

It's easy to be the leader. It's less easy to be around the leader. It's very difficult to be nothing... GeeSmo goes the easy way!
Knowledge, pure minds, creative thinking and every project becomes just a game!

GeeSmo is not a company... GeeSmo is a tight team, happy customers,
unique ideas, a flow of energy that constructs the real matter
of a successful business and a long term presence in the digital era.

The distances are getting smaller, the communication becomes easier,
now the world needs to be better!
GeeSmo takes its responsibilities promising
worthy digital strategies without little lies
or small contract letters, visioning its own growth
and progress hand by hand with its partners

...and don't forget... Digital IS TRUE!!!

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