Gee-Booking (Booking Engine)

Gee-Booking (Booking Engine)
Gee-Booking (Booking Engine)

Geesmo’s booking engine is a fully customizable online reservation system for your business website.

It’s developed with Web-based technologies and works with all computers, devices that have access to the internet.

Can be installed in all websites regardless of their development technologies.

On demand custom-made features for your business needs.

0% commission, only a license fee.

General Information

Geesmo’s online reservation system for tourism companies aimed at creating or upgrading your online booking services (hotels, hotel chains, rental rooms).Gee-booking is an online booking system which can be built in new or existing websites of hotels and rental rooms, giving them the ability to take advantage of their website traffic, to increase their occupancy, to minimize fees and commissions towards tour operators and online booking portals.

It works entirely on the internet and requires no installation on your computer. You can access it from anywhere there is a computer with internet connection. It is multilingual and works on all known browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari). It can be installed on any page regardless of development technology (HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, etc.) and includes all data and encryption certificates (SSL).

The initial setup is done by our qualified staff. All you need to do is send us your data in digital form. After the initial setup our staff will educate you in the system’s operation, so that you can easily and efficiently manage your rooms.

Basic features

⩺ The application is web-based it requires no installation on your computer. You can manage from anywhere there is a computer with an Internet connection.

⩺ It is multilingual and supports all known browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari).

⩺ Availability Search by date.

⩺ Search room by type and availability

⩺ Search rooms in different hotels in the same chain.

⩺ Reserve more than one room with one search.

⩺ Publishing text and photos for each room type.

⩺ International portals connection capability.

⩺ Straightforward transaction method and accommodation policies relative to booking cancelations.

⩺ Preview and print reservation.

⩺ Sending reservation to the company and customer by email.

⩺ Customer can manage his reservation.

⩺ SSL certification for safe on site navigation .Online transactions support (PayPal, bank).

Booking system manager

⩺ It works entirely on the internet and requires no installation on your computer.

⩺ Booking – cancellations history and monitoring the status of reservations for customers.

⩺ Easy reservation search.

⩺ Reservation and cancelation statistics.

⩺ Capable for creating price periods and rooms types.

⩺ Easy to manage availability and pricing.

⩺ Price range by room type and by time period.

⩺ Special pricing/discount capabilities for a specific time period and room type.

⩺ Set cancelations policies and payment methods.

⩺ Options to set availability limitations such as minimum stay, maximum stay, stop sales etc.

⩺ Setting prices, availability and availability limitations for entire periods or separately by day.

⩺ Setting pricing for different currency’s.

⩺ Management of all hotels of a chain from same database.

Gee-booking system :

⩺ Uses the latest technology to allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage at the forefront of emerging market trends.

⩺ Easy to use, easy to manage.

⩺ Offers support by trained staff.

⩺ Fully customizable and adjustable on customer needs.