Gee-Captive (Captive Portal)

Gee-Captive (Captive Portal)
Gee-Captive (Captive Portal)

Gee-captive is a captive portal that transforms your free wifi into a social wifi.

A captive portal (also known as a ‘“splash page”) is what a user sees when they first associate with a Wi-Fi and open a web browser to surf the Internet. When a captive portal is configured, all Internet traffic will be re-directed to a particular URL and a user is required to take specific actions before their traffic is able to pass through to the Internet.

Social WiFi

Social WiFi is the term given to WiFi hotspots that allow users to log on to the internet using their social media accounts. Using captive portal technologies we make your local free WiFi in a Social WiFi.

Basic Features

Splash page setup:

⩺ Custom messaging/terms of access

⩺ Custom logo/branding

⩺ Customizing specific elements on the splash page( advertisement etc.)


⩺ User login with social media accounts (Facebook login, Google+ login).

⩺ Email register login for users that don’t use Social Medias.


⩺ Real time client statistics.


Maximise word of mouth opportunities.50%+ of people that use Social WiFi post messages about brands when logging on so with this in mind, businesses can tailor posts according to current need and target these posts to reach each person's network of friends.

Integrate your on and offline data. You can ask customers to add in their store card number for additional offers, allowing you to tie in online data with in-store data even further, providing tailored benefits to your customers. You could also offer your partners sponsorship of the WiFi service, and/or advertising space on branded areas, landing pages, in-store or via subsequent emails.

Gain likes. Take advantage of providing wifi by building your customer network through social media (like, check-in), informative Newsletters (email) and gain knowledge concerning their habits and loyalty.