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Our company methodology for e-shop development is defined by its absolute originality, superior design, easy to use and excellent functionality.

Using online sales system, has the following advantages

⩺ Minimum investment for the construction of the e-shop (compared to opening a shop).

⩺ Minimum operating and maintenance costs (compared to opening a shop).

⩺ Better pricing capabilities in relation to a physical shop.

⩺ Direct view and info for orders/sales through reports.

⩺ 24/7 Customer service.

⩺ Great flexibility on products/offers/client management.

⩺ Modern marketing tools (combined sales, discount coupons, newsletter etc.)

Basic Features

⩺ Modern and unique Design.

⩺ Unique and first-rate graphic design that stands out base on your company brand-image.

⩺ Easy order Completion.

⩺ Making orders with or without registration, Facebook login, easy and fast.

⩺ Multilingual and responsive.

⩺ User friendly manager.

⩺ Capable of adding content easily and quickly.

⩺ Multilevel product search.

⩺ Searching capabilities with multiple filters for products.

⩺ Custom.

⩺ Fully customizable and adjustable on customer needs.

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