Gee-Talks (Commenting System)

Gee-Talks (Commenting System)
Gee-Talks (Commenting System)

Geesmo’s commenting system is a hosting commenting service for websites and online communities. Commenting system includes various functions, social media connection, user profile, approval and management tools, email notifications, and mobile-friendly commenting.

Multilanguage support

⩺ The system is translated in 7 languages and can support more on demand.

Basic Features

⩺ Commenting of an article or announcement on the website.

⩺ User comments rating.

⩺ Publication in social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).

Manager System

⩺ Manage, disapprove or approve users comments.

⩺ Management system gives a whole statistical view for the comments (e.g. articles have most comments, visitors location etc.).

⩺ Option of filtering system (automatic filter for abusive language or with pending approval from the management).

The system can :

⩺ Registers commentator’s IP.

⩺ Register commentator’s email.

⩺ Tracking users data for further promotional actions.

⩺ Automated notifications to the manager for new comments and to the user for approving or disapproving his comments.

Advantages or using a commenting system

With proper use of a commenting system gives the opportunity to build credibility and trust (customer engagement), from customer’s perspective since he can voice his opinion for products-services. Furthermore customers trust more websites that have comments (critics, ratings) for making a purchase, even more if there are replies from the company. The company can use the positive comments in social medias making real time advertisement with low cost in a large target audience.