Social Media

Social Media
Social Media

Social Media are booming nowadays, they can greatly affect the image consumers have for products,services and as a result your business brand.

Social media management.

The field of community management in the context of Social Media, is a modern and evolving business activity. Effective management requires experience and crisis management expertise, as the community creates and is dynamically formed by the whole content posted in it.

Most companies realize the usefulness of social media, however :

⩺Have no time or human resources to monitor all activities in social accounts.

⩺Don’t know how to make attractive and effective posts.

⩺Have the knowledge to use efficiently all the diffrentet social channels.

Geesmo can take over the whole management of your business social management that includes :

⩺Creating content for social medias

⩺Creating contests

⩺Moderating Social channels

⩺Customer engagement

Social Applications

Geesmo has the expertise to create social apps specific to the needs of your advertising strategy and campaign.

Define your advertising goals and GeeSmo suggests ideas - applications for social networks that will enhance the engagement with your audience.

SEM & Social Ads

Creating a webpage and having social media alone is not adequate to attract potential customers-visitors. For a customer to be able to search for you, he must be aware of you, (brand awareness). Essential tools for achieving this is using search engine marketing advertisement and social advertisement.


Targeted Traffic. Determine your target audience for your advertise (geolocation, language,time,user device etc.)

Direct Results.By activating the campaign with the appropriate settings ( targeting , Budget) you can have direct and measurable results ( traffic ).

Flexible advertising Budget.Advertising budget is controllable and can be dynamically adjust in the new challenges of your business.

Free Exposure. Pay per click (ppc) advertisement gives the advantage of free display and costs on click only.

Mobile Application

With the rapid growth on smartphone and tablets usage, mobile applications are part of every day life and a powerful tool for businesses. Mobile devices nowadays are powerful and easy to use, tend to replace laptops and netbooks, have increased portability, autonomy and low acquisition cost.

We are developing with the latest tools and technologies, creating software for iOS and Android devices:

⩺Development using specialized tools for specific operating systems(native development).For native Android applications using Java with Android Studio and Android SDK. For native iOS applications developing with Objective-C ,Xcode and iOS 8.

⩺Developing hybrid applications with cross platform tools. For hybrid application development based on HTML5 using tools such as PhoneGap, AngularJS